/ 29.6.2018

Final of the Network Incubators and Italian Scientific and Technological Parks


The first phase of the eighth edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize came to a close at Microsoft House in Milan

Thirty-two assistance programs from Network Incubators and Scientific Parks were given to the same number of startups from across Italy for a total value of more than a million euros. 
This event was made possible with the collaboration of APSTI  (Italian Scientific and Technological Parks), Italia Startup (the Italian Association of Startups) and Microsoft. 

Milan, June 28, 2018 – Yesterday, in the 4.0 offices of Microsoft Italy, as designed by Herzog & De Meuron, the finals of the Network Incubators and  Italian Scientific and Technological Parks, part of the eighth edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize, took place. 32 Italian startups were awarded with assistance courses as offered by the Prize’s partners. To start off the event, Barbara Cominelli, COO of Microsoft Italy, announced, “We are happy to contribute to the Gaetano Marzotto Prize with the Microsoft Special Prize, which permits winning startups to have access to Microsoft for Startups, our program which offers technological and consultancy support to innovative startups with an overall investment of 500 million dollars. We share the same values and goals as the Marzotto Prize: only through support of new companies can we promote growth and competitiveness for our country in the world.” The director of Progetto Marzotto, Cristiano Seganfreddo, in presenting the winners  added, “Italian incubators and accelerators are places of the future and are spread out across the Italian provinces. They promote research and are a fundamental inspiration, not only for young entrepreneurs, but also for the territory itself and young people and small companies in these areas.  These are places of active resistence. Nowadays the global challenge is even more pressing. With this edition of the Marzotto Prize we have found the best quality and know-how. These are not just simple ideas or  discoveries, but insteady they represent true and proper companies which need to grow and develop in the marketplace.”

Air/Milan, Bettery/Bologna, BluGear/Milan, Braimage/Bologna, COLUMBUS’ EGGTM/Piacenza,, DueDiLatte/Pisa, Easy Tax Assistant/ Milan, Epoché/Naples, EXTRAVITIS/Milan, FALLENG/Cremona, Fili Pari/Bergamo, FLEEP/Milan, FNX Project/Turin, Fritrak/Taranto, HERACLEX/Ancona, Hexagro Urban Farming/Milan, HYPE Biotech/Bologna, Kaitiaki/Gorizia, Indigo AI/Milan, Mekello/Vicenza, Moveo/Padua, Namu/Milan, OCORE/Palermo, Packtin/Reggio Emilia, Phononic Vibes/Milan, ProntoPro/Milan, Revotree/Rome, Scenico/Trieste, SpeX/ Rome, TOMMI/Rome, Virtuoso/Cagliari ,  are the winners of this first stage of the Company Idea Prize, and they will now go on to compete for a grant of 50,000 euros offered by Progetto Marzotto, which will be announced on November 22 in Rome.

From an initial analysis of the selection, the most prizes went to the region of Lombardy, with twelve winning startups; next was the region of Emilia Romagna with five winners; the region of Lazio came in third place with three winners, while the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, Appuglia and Veneto had two winners each, and finally the regions of Campania, the Marches, Sardinia and Sicily each had one winner.
This is a classification that showed up on a larger scale at the deadline of the competition in last May, with more than 600 applications, with Lombardy having the most enrolled startups. The Bio/Med/Life Science/Health Care sector is the most popular area with 8 competitors. ICT/IOT Tech followed with seven participating startups, and by six Agro/Food Tech and Social Innovation startups. There were four from the Clean/Energy Tech sector, three in the Fin/Reg Tech and New Materials sectors, two from the  Auto/Moto Tech, Bulding/Real Estate Tech, Fashion/Forniture/Design Tech, Industry 4.0 and Transportation/Logistic sectors;  and finally, one from the Entertainment/Education, Media/Publishing Tech and Sport Tech sectors. These data were also confirmed at the competition’s deadline with the Health Care and Agro/Food Tech sectors at the top of the different areas of competences. The average age of the particpating teams in the Company Idea Prize category was 36 years of age, while that for the Company Prize was 38.

Also participating in this event was Federico Barilli, General Secretary of Italia Startup, who had this to say: “We are very happy to see that after 5 years of collaboration the involvement of Italian centres of innovation and that of the startups selected has been substantial. We know how important and delicate this phase of initial acceleration of young innovative Italian companies is and how decisive it can be to have assistance in the first years of growth. It is in this sense that the Prize has a very important role and facilitates the encounter between qualified subjects and innovative startups across the territory”. Also participating was Gianluca Carenzo, APSTI President, who affirmed: “For the development of startups, these places of innovation – scientific parks and technological poles – are fundamental because they  provide the benefits of competences, technological avant-garde infrastructures and networks of excellence all in one place. Technological transfers represent the basis of building an ecosystem of sustainable innovation and this is a demonstration that it is possible to do this in Italy”. Both Italia Startup and APSTI are partners in this event.

The event was also made possible by the generous support of incubators and scientific and technological parks that assist with the Prize and which this year has had some important new partners such as Day One/Rome, Galileo Visionary, Gellify/Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna and also confirmed are: AlmaCube/Bologna, Bioindustry Park/Colleretto Giacosa (Turin), Campania NewSteel/Naples, CesenaLab/Cesena, ComoNExT/Lomazzo (Como), Consorzio Arca/Palermo, Digital Magics/Milan, FabriQ/Milan, Fashion Technology Accelerator/Milan, Fondazione Filarete/Milan, Friuli Innovazione/Udine, H-FARM/Roncade (Treviso), I3P/Turin, Impact Hub/Milan, JCube/Jesi (Ancona), Kilometro Rosso/Bergamo, LUISS ENLABS – LVenture Group/Rome, Make a Cube3/Milan, M31/Padua, PoliHub/Milan, Polo Meccatronica/Rovereto (Trento), Progetto Manifattura/Rovereto (Trento), Romagnatech/Faenza (Ravenna), SELLALAB/Biella, SocialFare/Turin, Talent Garden/Milan, The Net Value/Cagliari, TIM #WCAP/Rome and Toscana Life Sciences/Siena.

Margherita Marzotto, President of Progetto Marzotto had these closing words: With the help of many people, a new path has opened up on the world of work: what seemed to be a utopia, assistance by large and new companies to small startups, is a widespread and energetic reality, with projects that often aim at creating more wellbeing and safety. The opportunities for the most motivated and well-grounded young people are increasing. I really hope that this path takes us in the opposite direction of the brain-drain” towards an Italy that is increasingly becoming a better place to live.”

The next events are on October 25, 2018 at OpenZone in Bresso, Milan, for the finals of the Special Corporate Fast Track Prize, which is dedicated to the Prize’s open innovation programs, and November 22, 2081 in Rome to round up this eighth edition.

The Gaetano Marzotto Prize is an initiative created and promoted by the Associazione Progetto Marzotto and lasts ten years. The  Progetto Marzotto was developed to create a new social fabric through a series of diversified interventions  (

The Gaetano Marzotto Prize is a part of this project, and has the goal of identifying and promoting the development of new entrepreneurial ideas capable of responding to economic and financial criteria of sustainability while at the same time generating concrete benefits for Italy, especially jobs.

The Gaetano Marzotto operates under the patronage of:

the Prime Minister’s Office,

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies Economic, the Ministry of Economic Development’s ICE (the Italian Trade and Investment Agency) and  CRUI – Conference of Italian University Rectors.  

The Prize has been developed through partnerships with Accenture, Amazon Launchpad, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Copernico, CUOA Business School, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, EY, illycaffé, Invitalia, Italcementi | HeidelbergCement Group, Marzotto Venture Accelerator, Microsoft, Orange1 Holding, QVC Italia, Repower, Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo, SANTEX RIMAR GROUP, Selle Royal Group, UniCredit Start Lab, ZCube – Zambon Research Venture. And with the support of AIFI , The Italian Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt Association, Capitol One, Copernico, Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria, IAG – Italian Angels for Growth, Jacobacci & Partners, Nuvolab, Startupbusiness, and StartupItalia!



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