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Caterina Siclari

Founder AGS Advisory

Caterina Siclari, a graduate of Luigi Bocconi Commercial University, after a solid experience in Kpmg S.p.A., decided to take up the profession as an accountant and business consultant for Startups and SMEs. She specializes in Startups already consolidated in support of the drafting of business plans and development of business strategies, fundraising and post-investment management control. Among others, it also carries out activities related to the drafting of industrial plans, economic and financial analysis to support management for the purposes of management control, support for budgeting activities, assistance in the financial two phases diligence and company evaluation. Lecturer at the Commercial University Luigi Bocconi on the chair of Competitive Strategy, a role as Startup Tutor at PoliHub and specialized in spin-off activities. Founder of the startup Leaf Space (aerospace industry). Until 2018 member of the Board of Directors of Italia Startup.