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Cosimo Palmisano

Vice-President Decisyon, founder ECCE Customer

Cosimo Palmisano is an expert in data mining and customer relationship management and has ten years experience in the application of predictive models for big data. He has undertaken research in the United States (Stern Business School, New York) and at Bari Polytechnic. Cosimo has to his credit various international scientific publications on the theme of data mining for CRM, contextual marketing, and online recommendation systems. Since the end of 2013 he has been part of the facilitation technical committee of Smart&Start managed by Invitalia and financed with 190 million Euros by the ministry for economic development. Since 2011 he is CEO and founder of a startup in the field of social CRM named ECCE Customer. The idea for this business was developed during an eight month period in Silicon Valley (California) on a BEST Fulbright scholarship; during this time he followed courses in entrepreneurship at Stanford, Berkeley, and Santa Clara universities. TR35 magazine, published by MIT, Boston, has chosen ECCE as one of the ten most innovative Italian ideas of 2011, and ECCE has won the ItaliaCamp prize “10 idee per l’Italia”. With Decisyon, a technological partner of ECCE, from October 2012 until today he has closed the highest investment round for an Italian software business with an American fund of over 35 million dollars.

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