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Francesco Mantegazzini

Founder of Global Startup Expo and CEO MGH7 Venture Capital

Experienced investor, founder of startups and CEO of MGH7 Venture Capital. He created, organized and managed the 4 biggest startup events in Italy since 2012 (Fiera delle Startup ‘12-’13, Expo delle Startup ‘14, Global Startup Expo ‘15). Judge for most of the main startup prizes in Italy inclusive of Premio Marzotto and Intesa Startup Business Initiative and Mentor for Unicredit Start Lab and Endeavor International Network. Experience of > 12 years of top management in multinationals (Gruppo 24 ORE, Telecom Italia, Banc of America Securities, Stefano Ricci). Francesco holds an MBA degree from Columbia University and was recently awarded as the best male Italian Business Angel for 2016 by IBAN. Currently is heading the project Infront Lab to foster innovation in the sport business sector in Italy.

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