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Luca Leonardi

R&D Manager - Pikdare S.p.A.

My name is Leonardi Luca, I was born in Busto Arsizio on 11/16/1977 and I live in Cardano al Campo, a town of 15,000 inhabitants closed to Malpensa. My working career was born in Research to Development, in fact I started in an aeronautical and railway Engineering office. The first Company experience was with AgustaWestland, world Helicopter Manufacturing at Varese. Leader in its market sector, here I spent 4 years working on the design of main and tail rotors on different lines of Helicopters. Then I moved on to the “white” sector (home appliance) by going to Work at Whirlpool. Always in the technological sector focused on heeter products. Here I also had the first experience with electronics systems, I was Project manager for induction hobs. I spent 14 years at Engineering and Technology department holding the roles of engineer, Project Engineer, Technical Leader, Project manager. Then I moved to the current experience. Initially as Artsana and then following the spin-off of the medical part PIKDARE S.p.a., today part of the MTD holding. Here I landed in the Medical R&D group. I was a system integrator, then moved on to Project Manager up to the current position of R&D and PMO Manager. I coordinate a group of 7 people in Italy and I use a group of 3 R&D people in China. We take care of developing all the portfolio products, whether they are internal or external production. This experience is closely linked to my hobby, I am a volunteer rescuer at the Italian Red Cross, I play the role of Rescuer with the qualification of driver and Instructor.