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Marco Trombetti

Co-founder Pi Campus, Co-founder and CEO Translated

Marco Trombetti is a computer scientist, serial entrepreneur and investor. In 1999, together with his wife, Isabelle Andrieu, he co-founded Translated, a translation service that pioneered the use of artificial intelligence to help over 180,000 professional translators and over 150,000 clients worldwide. With the profits of these initiatives, Marco co-founded Pi Campus, a venture capital company that invests in early stage technology start-ups, mainly in the field of AI, with 44 investments from Europe to the United States. Some of the companies funded by Pi Campus are based in a startup district located in Rome EUR, where villas have been converted into offices to provide the best working environment for talented people. In 2017 Marco also co-founded Pi School, a 2.0 educational reality in which young and talented developers combine artificial intelligence and human creativity to solve big real-world problems.