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Riccardo Di Stefano

President Young Entrepreneurs Confindustria

Born in 1986 in Palermo, Riccardo Di Stefano embarks on his career as “Young Entrepreneur” after a course of classical studies and a degree in Law at LUMSA University in Palermo. He completed his training with a PhD in Civil Economics. Always passionate about teaching, he began his professional career in the field of international training. In 2012 he began to work in the family business, becoming a member of the Board of Directors of the company Officina Lodato S.r.l., founded in 1957 based in Palermo and Rome and operating throughout the country in the field of civil and industrial planting. He is also involved in real estate enhancement and energy efficiency. Thanks to the comparison with the Young Entrepreneurs Movement, he decided to continue his entrepreneurial path, founding his own business in 2014, Meditermica Ltd., a company active in the wholesale supply of plumbing material for companies and operators in the sector.