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Stefano Bison

Group Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Assicurazioni Generali, Partner iStarter

Stefano Bison, Head of Group Business Development, Assicurazioni Generali, Partner iStarter. Stefano Bison is the Head of Group Business Development at Assicurazioni Generali Group. As an ex-management consultant (Senior Manager @ The Boston Consulting Group) and, previously, investment banker (@ Lehman Brothers –FIG M&A, then Nomura after LB bail-out), he is now in charge of the Unit responsible for identifying and launching new business initiatives at Group level, while triggering business innovation and transformation, mostly through external partnerships with companies and start-ups. On top of his “ordinary” job, Stefano is a serial investor in start-ups and, through iStarter -a London-based Venture Accelerator he’s partner of, passionately engaged in supporting some of them in developing their businesses and raising funds, sometimes even providing coaching to entrepreneurs. Stefano holds a MSc from Bocconi University in Milan, with international study experiences also at CBS-Copenhagen, IESE-Barcelona and IMD-Lausanne (company-sponsored executive program).