/ 22.3.2018

Launch of the 8th edition of Premio Gaetano Marzotto

There is still time until May 14 2018 to participate in the eighth edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize.

With a total value of more than 2 and a half million euros, international development, open innovaton projects with large corporations and an ever increasing network of partners, The Gaetano Marzotto Prize positions itself as the platform of reference for Italian innovation in supporting innovative small and medium-sized companies and startups. 


In collaboration with AIFI  – the Italian Association of Private, Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt – new assistance programs are starting that cover the entire economic chain, thanks to the entry of new partners such as Accenture, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Italcementi | HeidelbergCement Group, Microsoft, Orange1 Holding, QVC Italia, and Repower.


Milan, March 22, 2018 – The competition for the eighth edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize opens.  The competition is directed at new entrepreneurs and builders of the future who are able to combine innovation, business and society, to create solid synergy between the world of innovation and that of Italian industry, with an international outlook. A program that aims at supporting small and medium-sized companies and startups in the spirit of sharing among corporations and young innovative companies.  


Two competitions have been confirmed: the Company Prize and Company Idea Prize. The first is for an incorporated company either with a turnover of at least 100,000 euros or that has a financial or industrial partner, with a prize of 300,000 euros in cash. Companies excluded are those in the bio/med/life sciences/health care sector which by nature have their own timeframes and development processes,; the second goes to a innovative startup, with a prize of 50,000 euros.


Also to be won, through participation in the two competitions, are more than 30 assistance programs offered by affiliated incubators and technological and scientific parks, along with Special Prizes offered by corporate partners. Assisting in the competition categories are: Amazon Launchpad Award, Amazon Web Services Special Prize, Cisco Special Prize,  Corporate Fast Track Special Prize , EY Special Prize , Invitalia Special Prize , Capitol One | Copernico | Marzotto Venture Accelerator Special Prize and UniCredit Start Lab Special Prize , with five new programs this year: the Accenture Special Prize, the Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Special Prize, the Italcementi | HeidelbergCement Group Special Prize ,  the Microsoft Special Prize and the Repower Special Prize. In addition, three new realities have come on board in the incubator and technological and scientific park network:  Day One/Roma, Galileo Visionary District – Start Cube/Padova and The Net Value/Cagliari, which represent national coverage. Also new are Orange1 Holding and QVC Italia, which will be assisting  illycaffè, Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo, SANTEX RIMAR GROUP, Selle Royal Group and ZCube – Zambon Research Venture in the open innovation Corporate Fast Track program.


As desired by Giannino Marzotto, the Gaetano Marzotto Prize is part of the the activities promoted by the Associazione Progetto Marzotto which Giannino founded in 2010, together with his daughters Cristiana, Maria Rosaria Gioia and Margherita, and with CEO Ferdinando Businaro, and Director General Cristiano Seganfreddo. The prize was inspired by  Gaetano Marzotto, entrepreneur par excellence in the 20th century, who knowingly brought together society and business, along with culture and the land.


Matteo Marzotto, President of the Associazione since 2012 declared: “When I was called by Ferdinando Businaro and Cristiano Seganfreddo to represent, with my cousins,  this project established by Uncle Giannino, I felt honoured. I always looked at him and my grandfather Gaetano as examples, models that I could be inspired by” – and then he added – “From that point a lot has been done, the Prize has grown, the platform has been implemented with the main players in the Italian innovation world, and not only. This is a challenging and winning project where everyone has been passionately involved, including in primis my cousin Margherita, to whom I am happy to pass the reigns, and promise to give her my full support and commitment for the future. “

The word then passed onto Margherita Marzotto, the new President of the Progetto Marzotto, who debutted with these words: “I believe strongly in my father’s project, in the value of the activity conducted by the team taking care of it, and which I have followed with growing interest in these past few years” – and then she continued – “The direct involvement in the Competition of schools, the close relationship with teachers and students, the meetings with the Prize finalists, have all enriched and interested me passionately, so much so that I wanted to be a part of it.  My heartfelt thanks go to my cousin Matteo Marzottto for his precious and generous contribution with which he promoted the Associazione and I trust in his presence by my side in his role as Vice-President, for his great talent as an ambassador.”


Moderating the encounter was Cristian Seganfreddo who, after having presented the new entries in the network, remarked: “The Gaetano Marzotto Prize is not a prize, even if it is called one. It is an articulated multilevel innovation support system for its companies and emerging ideas.  An ecosystem developed through the years with dozens of structural and structured partnerships. Today we support in various ways hundreds of talents every year. PMG is a real opportunity

for those who truly want to establish a new company with new paradigms which look beyond Italy and to the world.”


Since 2011, the Premio Gaetano Marzotto has given away more than 8 million and half million euros of prizes and assistance program, with 384 finalists, more than 5,000 applications, 40 incubators and accelators involved and around a hundred jury members and active the world of research and finance. Over all, the Prize has generated tens of millions of euros in indirect investments.


In 2017, the Prize went to 54 startups, including, D-EYE with the Company Prize, for having planned a device that provides retinal disease screening on smartphones; and 3 Bee Hive-Tech for the Company Idea Prize, for having created an electronic monitoring system for beehives which allows for the health of bees to be monitored at a distance and to intervene quickly in case of problems.


The Gaetano Marzotto Prize is a competition open to physical people, planning teams, starts and already incorporated companies, which have a new entrepreneurial idea that is able to generate economic benefits and a positive social impact mainly in Italy, with premises and development base in Italy, but able to grow internationally.

The ideas proposed must be original, innovative and implementable, financially sustainable and able to generate economic returns.

Participation is free, via an application in English. To participate, fill in the form online in the section “Partecipa” “Participate” on the site,within the prescribed criteria.



– start of competition: March 22,  2018

– deadline for proposals: May 14, 2018

– prize ceremony for  Network Incubators and Technological and Scientific Parks: June 28, 2018, Microsoft House, Milan

prize ceremony for  Speciale Corporate Fast Track: 25 October 25, 2018, Zambon | OpenZone, Bresso (Milan)

– closing ceremony: November 22, 2018 Rome, place to be announced, 7 PM


The Gaetano Marzotto Prize is an initiative promoted by the Associazione Progetto Marzotto.

Under the auspices of:

President, Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale

President, Ministry of Job and Social Politic

President, Ministry of Economic Development

ICE – Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian companies.

CRUI – Conference of Italian University Rectors


It has been realized in collaboration with APSTI – Associazione Parchi Scientifici e Tecnologici Italiani e Italia Startup, thanks for support from AIFI – Italian Association for Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt, IAG – Italian Angels for Growth, Jacobacci & Partners, Nuvolab, Startupbusiness, StartupItalia!


The Company Idea Prize was realized in collaboration with: AlmaCube/Bologna, Bioindustry Park/Colleretto Giacosa (TO), Campania NewSteel/Naples, CesenaLab/Cesena, ComoNExT/Lomazzo (CO), Consorzio Arca/Palermo, Day One/Rome, Digital Magics/Milan, FabriQ/Milan, Fashion Technology Accelerator/Milan, Fondazione Filarete/Milan, Friuli Innovazione/Udine, Galileo Visionary District – Start Cube/Padua, H-FARM/Roncade (TV), I3P/Turin, Impact Hub/Milano, JCube/Jesi (AN), Kilometro Rosso/Bergamo, LUISS ENLABS – LVenture Group/Rome, Make a Cube3/Milan, M31/Padua, PoliHub/Milan, Polo Meccatronica/Rovereto (TN), Progetto Manifattura/Rovereto (TN), Romagnatech/Faenza (RA), SELLALAB/Biella, SocialFare/Torino, Talent Garden/Milan, The Net Value/Cagliari, TIM #WCAP/Rome, Toscana Life Sciences/Siena.


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