/ 12.11.2018

Selle Royal Group and Respect Life

Milan, OpenZone, 25 October 2018
Winners of Special Corporate Fast Track Prize | PGM8

After a careful selection from among 600 applications for the Prize, by the special commissions set up:

Selle Royal Group has chosen RESPECTLIFE
Sector: New Materials – Bio/Med/Life Science/Health Care
Place of Origin: Pavia, Lombardy

A new concept for functional clothing and fabrics which respects the environment and the human body. Its innovation lies in the using polypropylene, which was invented by Nobel prizewinner Giulio Natta and Karl Ziegler in the 50s, with a plain weave to make underwear and clothing that is naturally bacteriostatic, resistent to moulds, insects and other microorganisms, thereby eliminating the effects of perspiration and greatly reducing bacterial contamination.

Type of business: BtoC
Development Phase: market testing
Average age: 56 years old


Santex Rimar Group and Crossing


Zcube – Zambon Research Venture and Panoxyvir