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Each Prize has a specific jury that will evaluate and select the best proposal for each category. The jury is coordinated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, Founder and Director of the Prize. The juries are composed of entrepreneurs, researchers, institutions, universities, business incubators, the world of finance, venture capitalists, journalists, and experts in innovation.

Cristiano Seganfreddo
Founder e direttore Premio Gaetano Marzotto - 2031

For the Best Company Prize, the Associazione Progetto Marzotto has nominated a SELECTION COMMITTEE, presided over by Danilo Mazzara, Accenture Strategy, which is composed of:

Danilo Mazzara
Principal Director, Accenture Strategy-Open Innovation Lead for ICEG

Alessandro Agnoletti
Head of Innovation del Gruppo SIA

Ivo Boniolo
Cofounder and CIO e-Novia

Giusy Cannone
Fashion Technology Accelerator CEO

Federico Davini
Investment Board A11 Venture

Claudio Farina
Executive Vice President Digital Transformation & Technology di Snam

Ivan Farneti
Five Seasons Ventures Founding Partner

Francesco Gatto
Head of Area CUOA Finance and Area Custom CUOA Business School

Paolo Gesess
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Amedeo Giurazza
Managing Director Vertis SGR

Luca Grassis
Director of Communication and External Relations BMPS; Head of OfficinaMPS

Piergiorgio Grossi
CIO, Credem Banca

Nicola Guazzolini
Corporate Business Development Manager di Wellness Holding

Paolo Gubitta
Technical director of the entrepreneurship area of the Fondazione CUOA

Roberto Guida
Rome Innovation Hub CEO

Francesco Inguscio
Ceo & Rainmaker, Nuvolab

Edoardo Degli Innocenti
Digital Transformation Team Leader

Luca Leonardi
R&D Manager - Pikdare S.p.A.

Stefania Lotto
Investment Manager at Gradiente SGR SpA

Cesare Maifredi
General Partner, 360 Capital Partners

Francesco Mantegazzini
Founder of Global Startup Expo and CEO MGH7 Venture Capital

Marco Mezzalama
Professor, President of Links Foundation

Aurelio Mezzotero
Innogest Capital Venture Partner-Advisor

Pietro De Nardis Senior Advisor

Mauro Odorico
Investment director, Vertis SGR

Francesca Perrone
Head of Territorial e Sectorial Development Plans, UniCredit

Andrea Petrini
Managing Director at Accenture

Giulia Piermattei
Head of Open Innovation Ecosystem, TIM

Alessio Piuma
Senior Associate Panakès Partners

Paola Pozzi
Sofinnova Telethon Partner

Aldo Pozzoli
Accenture Senior Manager

Federico Rajola
CeTIF – Technology, Innovation and Services Research Centre, Director

Giancarlo Rocchietti
Founder e Presidente Club degli Investitori

Paolo Salvato
SVP Strategy & New Iniziatives Leonardo

Gloria Seveso
Manager in Endeavor Italia

Caterina Siclari
Founder AGS Advisory

Giusy Stanziola
CEO TheBrandSitter e Cofounder Angels4Women

Annamaria Tartaglia
CEO TheBrandSitter e Cofounder Angels4Women

Alessandro Tavecchio
Investment Manager at P101 Ventures

Simona Torre
Secretary - General of FIA - Fondazione Italiana Accenture

Marco Turchini
Currently A2A SmartCity Chief Executive Officer Group

Giacomo Valentini
Managing director IAG

The selection committee judges all the proposed candidates on the basis of the following criteria: team, originality of the product or service, the attractiveness for the reference market and the impact on it, the intentions for using the prize, the business plan, and the presence of a valuable partner. The selection committee will evaluate and pinpoint the finalist projects which will then be examined by the Jury of the Business Prize that is will be directed by Diana Saraceni and composed of

Diana Saraceni
Co-Founder & General Partner at Panakes

Sandro Bacan
Head of Accenture Innovation for Italy, Greece and Eastern Europe.

Silvia Candiani
Microsoft Italia CEO

Roberto Cingolani
Leonardo Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Patrick Cohen
AXA Italia CEO

Marco Gualtieri
Founder, Seeds&Chips Founder, Sustain&Ability

Enrica Acuto Jacobacci
Managing director, Jacobacci&Partners

Furio Suggi Liverani
illycaffè Spa Director Research & Innovation

Gaetano Marzotto
Presidente Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo

Enrico Mercadante
Innovation Lead, Architecture & Digital Transformation, Cisco Italy

Salvo Mizzi
Kauffman Fellow VC

Michele Padovani
Executive director of Cherry Bay Capital

Ettore Riello
AEFI President

Marco Trombetti
Co-founder Pi Campus, Co-founder and CEO Translated

Isabelle Harvie Watt
Co Founder Cultus Group

Elena Zambon
President Zambon SpA and President AIDAF

For the Best Company Idea Prize, the network of incubators, accelerators and scientific and technological parks is directed by Federico Barilli, General Secretary of Italia Startup Association.

Federico Barilli
Secretary General of Italia Startup

The 31 winners of the courses will compete for a prize to the value of 50.000 Euros which will be assigned during the semifinals by the jury of the Best Comoany Idea Prize headed by Salvatore Majorana and consisting of:

Salvatore Majorana
Director of Kilometro Rosso

Alvise Biffi
Vice President of Small Entreprise of Confindustria and Assolombarda

Stefano Bison
Group Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Assicurazioni Generali, Partner iStarter

Angelo Coletta
Italia Start Up President and Zakeke CEO

Beniamino Garofalo
CEO of the Santa Margherita Wine Group

Giovanni Iozzia
EconomyUp Director

Cosimo Palmisano
Vice-President Decisyon, founder ECCE Customer

Fausta Pavesio
Investor Board Member and Head of EU VP

Stefano Peroncini

Luciano De Propris
Consorzio ELIS Head of Open Innovation & Sustainability

Giovanni Rizzo
Chief Executive Officer Biouniverse.

Riccardo Di Stefano
President Young Entrepreneurs Confindustria